Thursday, May 23, 2013

Business English Especially For Those With a Sweet Tooth!

In our last Business English lesson, we featured an article on cupcakes. Today we're continuing in our sweet series with a video on the growing demand for chocolate in China. Hershey's chocolate  a leading chocolate brand in the USA  is now entering the market in China. This video has lots of terrific English idioms. Read the idioms with their definitions below. Then listen for them in the video. Repeat that process again (this time while snacking on a piece of chocolate!). Then think about how you could use these expressions in your daily life (as in: "It's an uphill battle trying to get my kids to keep their rooms clean." or "I hope our customers will snap up our new product.")

(to) play catch-up – to make a big effort to overcome a late start; when you are behind and you have to take actions to get to the level of your competition

uphill battle – a difficult fight (when you are "facing an uphill battle," you face difficult circumstances)

(to) gain market share – to increase one's share (or piece) of a market (definited in percentage terms). This can refer to either dollar market share or unit market share

(to) pay a premium – to pay a higher price for something (because it's better quality or has a better brand, for instance)

(to) snap up – to buy quickly, or in large quantities (this term implies that the product is very desirable, so that many people are buying it)

mass market – produced in large numbers and sold through retail outlets, such as supermarkets 

(to) move upmarket – to start appealing to high-income consumers

bullish on – optimistic about a market (often used when describing investors, as they're "bullish on" a certain stock)

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